About Toqueland

Toqueland isn’t a food site, it’s a chef site.

It’s your place to learn about the inner workings of the chef world, from Big Questions, like what makes chefs tick and how they hone their personal style, to observational tidbits about the rhythm of their days and nights and how they go about managing their staffs, developing and opening their next restaurant, and deciding where to go for dinner.(For an explanation of the name, click here.)

Toqueland’s mission is to offer posts that go beyond menus and trends to examing the personal and cultural forces that drive them. Here you’ll find in-depth interviews and profiles, commentary on breaking news, and—when it makes sense—reviews of restaurants, books, and television series and movies.
Your guide to Toqueland is Andrew Friedman, a Brooklyn-based writer who’s spent the better part of his career covering and collaborating with many of the best and most well-known chefs in the country in a variety of cookbooks and narrative works. As he pursues new projects, Toqueland also provides a window into the writing and collaborating life, from the creation of a concept and proposal to the preparation and editing of a manuscript, to research trips, photo sessions, and the marketing and promotion of the finished book.

You can subscribe to Toqueland via email, Twitter, and/or Facebook, or just come back often. As they say in the restaurants, we hope to see you again soon.