Toqueland’s New Toy

Hi, everybody,

Frequent visitors to this site will notice that something has changed. No, we didn’t get our hair done. This space, which used to house a  dozen links to Recent Posts has been replaced by a more conventional blog scroll titled Toqueland Wire. (If you’re reading this via a subscription email, you’ll need to visit the site’s homepage to see what I’m describing; if reading on a mobile device, have a look on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer when you get a chance.)

Going forward, this is where you’ll find both the feature articles and essays that have defined Toqueland since its launch, as well as shorter, sometimes newsier bits (i.e., traditional blog posts). The slideshow up top will continue to highlight a mix of the most recent articles and those dearest to our hearts, and–in a day or two–we’ll have a Greatest Hits section stacked up in the right margin as well. If you follow us via email subscription, or on a mobile device, never fear; all posts will be shared there, just as articles have been since our inception.

Toqueland Wire will give me a place to share more information with you, more often, and more spontaneously. Accordingly, you might want to start checking in more frequently, or simply follow us by any means you like . ..  you might even win a prize.

See you in this space tomorrow.

– Andrew

Announcing Toqueland’s First Fan Contest!

Keep Up with Toqueland and Earn Chances to Win a Personalized Set of the Alfred Portale Cookbook Collection

Toqueland wants you!

We want you to subscribe to our email updates, follow us on Twitter, and to like us (to really, really like us) on Facebook.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our first-ever Toqueland Fan Contest offering subscribers/followers a chance to win a set of all three of Alfred Portale’s cookbooks (coauthored by yours truly): Gotham Bar and Grill Cookbook, Alfred Portale’s 12 Seasons Cookbook, and Alfred Portale’s Simple Pleasures.

Win the contest and Alfred will personalize all three books as you like, as will I, and then we’ll ship the books off to you, wherever you may be.






The More Ways You Follow Us, The More Chances to Win

Here’s how it works: For every way you subscribe to/follow/like us, we’ll enter your name in the contest. Do all three, and get three chances to win…. 

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Is This Thing On?: Toqueland Returns!

We’re Going Back on the Air, Hopefully for the Last Time

image by J Portugall, via


Toqueland is back!

That’s right, I’m putting the key in the ignition, hoping the engine turns over and that this baby can still run the way it did for a brief while in the winter and spring of 2010…

Actually, I’m hoping the site will run a whole lot better, with more posts and even more compelling content.  Here’s where I went and how things’ll be different this time around:

Back when Toqueland first sprang into existence, I was full of optimism about how often I could crank out magazine-feature-length pieces while also penning a bunch of books.  What can I tell you?  I was carried away by my own enthusiasm.  After a while, I realized I couldn’t keep it up and let the site quietly lapse into a vegetative state, although I never took it down.

In the intervening year and a half, a number of things occurred to me about how the site might be different—both more manageable for me and also, perhaps, more interesting for you…. 

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