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Richard Rosendale's gold-winning meat platter. (photo courtesy Bocuse d'Or USA)
January 30, 2012, Comments Off

Possible Lyon Format Change, Mr. Potato Head’s Supporting Role, and Some Love for the Runners Up as Toqueland Wraps Up Its Bocuse d’Or USA Coverage

Dream Team? Coach Gavin Kaysen (left) and 2013 Bocuse d'Or USA candidate Richard Rosendale (right)

Bocuse d’Or USA: Reasons to Believe

January 29, 2012, Comments Off

In candidate Richard Rosendale and coach Gavin Kaysen, the US might have finally found its dream team.

A platter (not Rosendale's) being paraded before the judges at the 2008 Bocuse d'Or USA (photo courtesy Nora Carey)

Bocuse d’Or USA 2012: Portrait of a Candidate

January 27, 2012, Comments Off

Some glimpses of finalist Richard Rosendale from my book Knives at Dawn.

Keller Kaysen

Third Time’s the Charm?: Current Bocuse d’Or USA Guard to Select Next Candidate

January 24, 2012, Comments Off

Coach Gavin Kaysen explains what to expect at the 2013 team trials in Hyde Park this weekend, and beyond.

  • Mark Liberman
    Bocuse d’Or USA 2010: The Hard Way
    February 4, 2010, Comments Off

    Mark Liberman On Going it Alone [Between now and the Bocuse d’Or USA finals this Saturday, February 6, Toqueland will profile as many of the finalists as possible.] Last fall, […]