Toqueland After Dark presents: Shift Drink!

Seersucker’s Rob Newton Breaks in a New Feature in Which We Pony Up to the Bar and Decompress with a Chef Moments after Service

Brooklyn, NY, 1:44am — Toqueland proudly presents a new feature: Shift Drink!  The idea is simple: We join a toque at the bar as he or she savors a beverage of choice and chills out after a night on the line.

Our first drinking buddy: Rob Newton, Executive Chef/Co-Owner of Seersucker restaurant (and its daytime sister establishment Smith Canteen) in Brooklyn, NY.

Presented in video *. .. because it’s too damn late to write:

* Video was a spontaneous decision. Apologies for the sound quality; we’ll do better next time. And thanks to Seersucker’s manager, Jorge Salamea, for his superb camera work on a humble iPhone!

Sweet dreams. ..

Andrew “Hef” Friedman